Fandom Scarves

So if you want to put hanging fandom scarf things (as can be seen to the right) on your blog this is how.

STEP 1: Go to customize, and then go to edit html.

STEP 2: Copy this code, scarfcode1, and paste right above </style>

STEP 3: Copy this code, scarfcode2 and paste it right under <body>

The first thing we’re going to deal with is scarfcode2. Fandom scarves are just image files, and this is where you’re putting the scarves you want on your blog.

  • Go to where you put scarfcode2. Replace http://url1 and the other 3 with the url of the scarves you want. It has to be an image url, so ending with .png most likely, but maybe .jpg or .gif.
  • A compendium of all my scarves and hundreds of others can be found here.
  • right click the scarf you want and “copy image URL” for the URL. Then get rid of http://url1 like mentioned before, but KEEP the quotation marks around it, and paste the url you copied between the quotation marks.
The scarves probably aren’t where you want them to be, though, and now comes the tricky parts.
  • Issue 1: this code, as it is, is made for center-aligned blogs. If yours is left aligned, in scarfcode1, in the scarves { ... } section, remove left:50%; and right:50%; . If its right aligned, remove those AND change margin-left to margin-right. After all this, change the value of margin-left or margin-right , whichever you have, until the scarves are in the spot you want.
  • For a center aligned blog, a value of 0px for either margin-left or margin-right would put the scarves in the middle of the page. Increasing margin-left puts the scarves further and further to the right, while increasing margin-right puts the scarves further and further to the left.
  • For a left-aligned blog, only margin-left should ever be used, with a value of 0px putting the scarves all the way at the left of the page, and vice versa with right aligned blogs.
  • If you don’t want the scarves at the very top of the page, change the value for margin-top , as the value increases the scarves go further down.
  • Summary:
  • Each scarf can have an independent position for how high up it is, as well as its position hovering over it with the mouse. margin-top under scarf1 { is the starting length for the first scarf and margin-top under scarf1:hover { is the hover length.
  • **Ignore this paragraph if you don’t want to change the horizontal distance between the scarves, which is 5 pixels by default** For the horizontal distance between the scarves, you have to alter margin-left for each separate scarf. The first scarf shouldn’t have a margin-left because it is already as far left as you can go in the scarves { region. Each scarf is 25 pixels wide. So for the second scarf, if you want a space of 5 pixels between each, margin-left should be 30px [(25*1)+(5*1)]. For the second scarf it should be 60px, [(25*2)+(5*2)], the third scarf 90px, [(25*3)+(5*3)], and so on.
  • If your theme is center aligned and want the scarves on the left, OR if you have a right aligned theme, replace EACH margin-left with margin-right.
  • So, for center aligned with the scarves on the right, and left aligned blogs, the scarves, in order from left to right, are scarf1, scarf2, scarf3 … For center aligned with the scarves on the left, and right aligned blogs, the scarves, in order from left to right, are … scarf3, scarf2, scarf1.

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy your new 1s and 0s. hopefully


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