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My reasoning and theories below the cut.

My reasoning:

  • Using the same givens as this map
  • The Capitol is in Denver.
  • D12 is Appalachia.
  • D11 shares a border with D12, is one of the largest districts, is South of D12, and is primarily used for growing grain and produce.
  • D10 is primarily used for raising livestock. They do NOT process the livestock in D10. However, to feed an entire nation, D10 is likely another very large District.
  • D9 processes food for the Capitol and the tesserae; therefore, it likely shares borders with the food production Districts (D4, D10, D11).
  • D8 produces and treats textiles and is a factory District. It is POSSIBLE to reach D12 from D8 on foot over a course of weeks/months. Therefore, it does not cross a large body of water.
  • D7 specializes in lumber. It’s probably large. It has no role in food processing or manufacture.
  • D6 works closely with the Capitol in the research and manufacture of drugs (morphling, medicines). It likely has close ties to D5 in the production of mutts.
  • D5 is entirely dependent on the Capitol, so it’s probably somewhat nearby, and specializes in genetic research and manipulation. Because of the necessity of creative thought and intellect, it’s most likely a smaller District so that it’s easier to monitor and control.
  • D4 is the ocean. It does have a role in food production. It’s very large. It is a Career District, so it likely is near the Capitol and has some self-sufficiency, but not enough that it doesn’t engender loyalty. (Aside from that, D4 = perfect.)
  • D3 has extremely close ties to the Capitol and works with electronics and technology. It is likely small, the Capitol can closely monitor its scientific minds. It has no role in food manufacture or processing.
  • D2 specializes in weaponry, is the most loyal District (because the Capitol needs to keep its weapon specialists happy, non?), and has no role in food production. D2 also works in some minor Mining elements and trains Peacekeepers. The Panem railroad is easily accessible in D2.
  • D1 produces luxury goods for the Capitol — INCLUDING having a diamond mine. Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine is a defunct diamond mine in Colorado, USA. It is located in the State Line Kimberlite District, near the Wyoming border.
  • D13 specialized in nuclear power, shares a border with D12, is both visible and reachable from D12 by foot, and is North of West Virginia. Three Mile Island was in New York Pennsylvania, and probably remained a nuclear reactor or was co-opted again as a reactor. D13 is small but mighty and is surrounded by Wilderness. It is self-sufficient.

But I don’t see the “logic” of placing the districts on a phi spiral… because then you get weird, really long, impractical districts (like 9 on their map) I also tried to be more sparing when I sunk the continent, using mainly this and this for reference

Now for my headcanons:

  • I’ve always thought that in more middle-class districts, life is pretty normal and similar to ours besides the Hunger Games themselves. This made me think that there were lots of towns and villages throughout larger districts (as well as Katniss mentioning that the kids in the reapings in D11 can’t be ALL of them in Catching Fire). So in D4 there’s fishing villages all along the coast, and in D7 they have lots of towns in the forests (or else with only one settlement they’d be wasting a LOT of fish/trees)
  • So, with the inclusion of “other district settlements,” the dot near the blue diamond in D12 is actually the Seam.
  • And there’s trains connecting the smaller settlements.
  • There are no other civilizations on what’s left of North America. That’s why the Capitol can put the arenas wherever they want.
  • The wilderness just to the west of the Capitol is where they often put arenas because its close and accessible if they want to have a regular, safe Games.
  • The Great Lakes, the Rockies, and whats left of Mexico are also popular locations.
  • One time they put the arena way up north on an Arctic island but it was too much hassle to get everything there and monitor the arena and they haven’t gone so remote ever since.
  • One arena (below D9) was all water.

Time taken: 3 hours approx.


The Hunger Games © Suzanne Collins
[]North America map
[]Panem Seal

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